Competitive runners need to take full care of their feet and avoid one of the biggest pains, blisters! This is hard when sweat, salt and friction mix. By applying GamerGrip® to your feet it will dramatically reduce the sweat, which helps prevent blisters and sores on your feet.



“In my job as a professional golfing coach, I’m helping and supporting players at all levels, from beginner golfers to the very top PGA tournament professionals. There’s one thing in common with all of them, it’s the importance of their hands and grip in the game of golf – no surprise really. But as golfers, we all share one thing in common – the desire to beat our scores and better our game. With GamerGrip’s® new revolutionary grip enhancing solution, we can start to feel even more confident about our game knowing a better grip will lead to a better game,” said Denis Pugh, Professional Golf Coach.

“When I first heard about GamerGrip® through Denis Pugh, I was preparing for the Masters and was interested in getting my “hands” on some. I was pleasantly surprised how effectively it worked – it dried my hands out instantly! It lasts perfectly for the length of a normal round of golf and because of its size fits very well in my golf bag. I also love the fact that it leaves no mess or sticky residue on my glove or club grip. Great product!” Francesco Molinari, Professional Golfer.

“Playing golf in the UK, you come up against lots of weather conditions. When it rains, no matter how good your grip is on the club, your hands still slip and it’s the same in the heat, your hands sweat and make it harder to grip. Since using GamerGrip®, I can play no matter the weather conditions, knowing my grip will not let me down! GamerGrip® is pure genius,” Joe Creasey, Professional Golfer.


”Just got back from the World team and individual Tennis championships in Florida,where the team reached the quarter finals. Really owe you a big thank you for the GamerGrip®, it was fantastic,and without it,i would not have been able to hold the racket!We played in 90 degrees,and humidity on top of that too.The GamerGrip® was a God send, and held every time. Will certainly be recommending it.” said Mark Rowe from Team GB Seniors


When boldering, climbers hate using chalk balls and dealing with mess. GamerGrip® avoids the constant re-applications and truly does keep hands dry! It’s a wonderful addition to the climbing market and may replace chalk in the future.


Zach "ZA" Anderson

“All of us want to perform to the best of our ability – GamerGrip® lets me do so. GamerGrip® works differently than traditional chalk grips because it blocks sweat from forming on my hands. Even through the longest workouts I can maintain my hold on the bar, kettlebell, rig or whatever’s thrown at me. I just apply the solution before I start my warm-up and it lasts a couple of hours, upping my game in the WODs. ” – Zach Anderson


Major League Ultimate

GamerGrip® is the perfect companion product for ultimate because it blocks sweat at the source of the problem to improve an athlete’s grip. Players can feel assured that GamerGrip® will take their game to the next level when throwing and catching the disc without a hint of slippage.

“We were were blown away by how effective GamerGrip was in enhancing the control of the disc, reducing drops and increasing distance on throws. This product takes the excuses out of your game. Whether professional or casual, this is the perfect product for Ultimate players.” – MLU CEO Jeff Snader


Major League Gaming

It is only fitting that GamerGrip® is associated with MLG. With MLG being the highest level of professional gaming, gamers need a product that will allow them to give their full attention towards competing and not have to worry about losing grip on their control.