• Performance

    Both pro and weekend warriors agree Gamer Grip gives you a GAME CHANGING competitive advantage! Gamer Grip is a revolutionary non-slip grip solution that was developed for professional athletes and pro gamers to prevent their hands from sweating while improving their grip during competition. Gamer Grip is being used to achieve superior results in all aspects of performance enhancement.

  • Comfort

    Everyone knows sweaty hands are not comfortable... so why would you want to compete to be the best in anything, when you have sweaty hands? Practice makes perfect, and dry hands help ensure comfort so you can focus on winning!

  • Safety

    How many of you have lost your grip before and almost destroyed a mirror in a gym? Lose your grip on your Golf Club? Baseball bat? Football? Baseball? Basketball? Dry hands help keep you safe.

  • Control

    Having sweaty hands prevents you from having the control needed to win. Use Gamer Grip and stay in control of your game!

  • Accuracy

    Gamer Grip allows you to have an advantage over your competition, your accuracy in all sports and esports suffer when you have sweaty hands, don't lose that advantage!

  • Reliability

    You can trust Gamer Grip to prevent sweaty hands, when you need them most.


Gamer Grip is the ultimate solution to keep your hands dry and improve your grip. Feel confident as this non-sticky solution ensures slip doesn't become your enemy. Used and endorsed by pro gamers and athletes, Gamer Grip is an essential addition for top-tier performers.

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