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Discover the ultimate FAQ guide for Gamer Grip, the game-changer in non-slip solutions. Get answers to all your questions on this revolutionary lotion for gamers and athletes. Say goodbye to sweaty hands and feet!
What does Gamer Grip do?

Gamer Grip is a non-slip grip solution that was developed for professional athletes and pro gamers to prevent their hands (and feet!) from sweating! Less sweat = improved grip during competition.

How does Gamer Grip work?

Gamer Grip works by creating a moisture barrier between your skin and your equipment. It's easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving your hands feeling dry and comfortable. Unlike traditional grip enhancers, Gamer Grip won't leave a sticky residue or damage your equipment.

How to apply Gamer Grip?

Start with clean, dry hands for best results. Shake well before opening. Apply a pea-sized drop into your hands and rub your palms together for 15 seconds or until dry. Effects should last up to four hours. Reapply as necessary with clean, dry hands.