GameTyrant's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

All product samples and many games were provided by the publisher/manufacturer

In the year of our lord and savior, 2023, products have really seemed to see a hike in price. Times like these make it difficult to sort out what’s worth getting your loved ones during the holidays, and what’s best to turn away from.

Luckily for you, we’ve managed to test out some pretty great games and tech gear over the course of this year and have come up with a comprehensive guide that should make your holiday shopping a bit easier this year. So, let’s check out what we’ve got!


The items featured here are going to give you the best possible sound and use overall for the money that you put into them. Most are universal products that can be used with a variety of devices.


The items featured in this section are going to give you the best bang for your buck, offering something great to have underneath that special someone’s tree without breaking the bank entirely.


2023 was a big year for gaming, but we had to come up with a concise list of the games we truly thought gamers would enjoy as much as we did!

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Well, that’s our list! We hope you enjoyed our picks! Happy Holidays to all!