SOMETHING COOL: Gamer Grip Keeps You In Control

Product sample provided

If there’s one thing that’s surprised me just in time to cap off 2023, it’s a little thing called Gamer Grip. A neat little tube of lotion-like paste that manages to keep your controller in your hands with every second of gaming greatness.

It’s a product that I didn’t initially think was going to be all that impressive but was happy to find great results from once I got to use it for myself. Coming in at 1oz for $12.99, Gamer Grip will keep your controller in hand with a squeeze the size of a pea.

Once you’ve rubbed your hands together, Gamer Grip blocks the sweat between you and your peripherals one hundred percent of the time. And as someone who doesn’t like things on her hands, I was pretty taken aback by just how good Gamer Grip feels. It isn’t greasy or sticky, as advertised, but gives you a sort of tackiness to your grip, similar to how you might think Spider-Man feels on the daily.

It’s also a product that has great potential past gaming, with its use in sports and even work activities making it a useful product all around. Its smell is pleasant and it also manages to stay on your hands after a few hand washes, making it something you truly can utilize in your daily routine.