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The founding members of Gamer Grip are three successful entrepreneurs who each strive to extend the boundaries of possible by innovating and differentiating: Duncan Ironmonger, Mike Rufail and Kayne Fisher.

Over a decade ago, they collectively started Gamer Grip because they felt there was a clear gap in the market for gamers and sports enthusiasts who needed to address the issues of hand perspiration.

There needed to be a better solution that could truly address grip limitations through the slipping of the hands-on equipment.

Mike identified it from the gamer’s perspective, by looking for a product that would stop gamers losing their grip on controllers; typically a slippery plastic surface. He was inspired to look for something after losing a match in the final few seconds because the controller slipped. Explored extra clothing, by wearing gloves, putting material over the equipment and even messy chalk, but none of these products worked and truly addressed the route of the problem.

In professional Gaming, like any sport, you have a lot of built-up nerves - which cause the hands to sweat more. The team got together and worked with chemical and pharmaceutical experts to help create a product that blocked the sweat from the hands, the idea being; to address the problem at the source. So born was Gamer Grip.

As Sports and Gaming enthusiasts with a history of playing sports at a high level, Duncan, Mike and Kayne could see huge potential for Gamer Grip in most sports, from Basketball, Golf, bowling and Tennis to Crossfit, Rugby, Gymnastics and Climbing.

With Duncan and Mike both owners and leaders of their respective gaming Companies, the team decided to grow the brand through esports and console gaming first. To spearhead this market, in 2012 GamerGrip formed a strategic partnership with SCUF Gaming, who were already known for creating many innovative products and features in the controller and peripheral space. With controllers being the only interface between you and the game, grip was an essential part of the gaming experience. Duncan and SCUF already addressed grip frustrations for professional gamers with military grade grip finishes on SCUF controllers, however there was still an opportunity to address sweaty hands at the source of the problem. This made for a perfect add on product and SCUF became a strategic partner and reseller to help take GamerGrip mainstream. It was a perfect compliment for controllers, addressing sweat at the route cause with a dry hand formula.

Since those early days, GamerGrip is now extensively used in esports, golf, bowling, basketball, crossfit, climbing, discgolf, tennis and even rugby. It has even been approved by various governing bodies including PGA Golf.

"The objective was to lead with the gaming market and then take Gamer Grip to the wider sporting world with focus on golf next. Today, many pro golfers use GamerGrip and the feedback has been excellent! We have many pro tennis players, NBA, MLB, professional climbers and more recently it’s been taking off in the Pickleball world. The feedback has been incredible. As sports become more and more competitive people are looking for that extra edge.” – Duncan Ironmonger

Duncan Ironmonger

Duncan Ironmonger is Founder and former CEO of SCUF Gaming, the creators of the performance controller category and a leading Gaming Brand. With a 20+ year proven fast-track record in entrepreneurship in the Video Gaming, Telecommunications and Technology space, Duncan is a recognized innovator and thought leader. Duncan has founded several companies and invested in many startups who share the key ingredients of great leadership and creative ideas. 

In December 2019 Duncan merged SCUF with Corsair. Post acquisition, Duncan continued to lead SCUF and contributed to taking Corsair public ‘CRSR’ in September 2020 on the NASDAQ. Since retiring as CEO of SCUF in June 2021, Duncan serves as Strategic Advisor to Corsair and also manages some of his other investments like GamerGrip.


Mike Rufail

Is a successful entrepreneur and leader. Early on in his career Mike competed as a professional Call of Duty player and was a popular esports Caster. He was also Co-Owner of Team EnVy, now Optic Gaming, the World's most prestigious professional gaming organisation in Call Of Duty and esports.

Kayne Fisher

Co-Founded one of North America's fastest-growing microbreweries; Natty Greene's. Now recognized throughout the South of USA as one of the South's finest organic beers. Kayne now owns several innovative restaurants and is also an avid gamer and sports enthusiast.

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